Jordan 2008!

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Mosaic Land!

Whats flat and old and more fun than a barrel full of monkeys? You guessed it! Ancient Byzantine mosaics! My roomies and I took a trip this weedend to historic Madaba. A land full of lots of things to do; You could see the mosaics in the historic byzantine ruins, you could peruse the local stores and their fine collections of... mosaics, or even see the oldest map of israel ever recorded! (it's a mosaic.) Anyway, after having visited this fascinating place, I began to imagine what this ancient byzantine culture must have been like. I'm not actually capable of imagineing any kind of document in their society besides mosaics. "Alright, the assignment is on the rise of the copper age and is expected to be a mosaic at a minimum of 10 slabs. Understood?" Typos would kill.

A more modern jordanian culture has since taken over, however. Not everything is in mosaics, and I think my favorite thing I saw while in madaba was this:

Thats right folks! The Iron Rod Internet Cafe! Looking for pornography? Look elsewhere! Experience the word of god, online! The heathen surfs on the beach, but the saints surf at the Iron Rod!


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